Looking to get CBD into your daily routine? Well look no further. Unlike most CBD products, our gum tastes great! Not only delivering 5mg of high purity CBD per piece, it freshens your breath and keeps your teeth clean and healthy.

Our chewing gum offers you a fast acting dose of CBD. As you chew the gum, the CBD is released into your mouth allowing it to be absorbed sublingually (under the tongue).



Our natural plant-based chewing gum contains 40mg caffeine per piece. Without the cons of an energy drink, or the cost of a barista made coffee – you can get your hit whenever and wherever you are. A perfect sugar free caffeine boost, also great for the health of your teeth and gums, as well as giving you your daily dose of Vitamin B.



We are launching our innovative Beauty gum in 2020 to help maintain your skin, hair and nails needs in the most convenient form of chewing gum. Using our plant based chewing gum, we’ve added biotin, selenium, green tea extract and niacin to help you maintain your natural beauty!

Perfectly convenient to pop into your bag, or take away with you – so your hair, skin and nails never go without!



Our new Two Wise Chimps Charcoal gum will launch in early 2020. Each piece contains 45mg activated charcoal, so not only will you be keeping your teeth healthy, but they’ll be getting whiter too!

Still using our plant based gum base, our gums are great for you, and also the environment!

Two Wise Chimps Gum